Fun Fit Adventure started in September 2016 when looking for a platform to share some of our adventures before we set  off on our Big Lap around Australia. We were looking for an easy blog site to document our travels as well as write about some of our other interests.

Who are Fun Fit Adventure?

img_0026Behind the logo of Fun Fit Adventure we are husband and wife, Richard and Sarah Brown. We have both spent the last 5 years (2011-2016) in Western Australia when Richard was given the opportunity to work on an IT project in Perth with British Telecom. On November 15th 2016 we set off, having quit our current jobs embarking on this massive adventure traveling anti-clockise around Australia for a year.

Richard Brown

img_8440Hi I am Richard and have worked as a Solution Architect/Chief Technology Officer for a number of years now with a long background in ICT projects since I graduated. My passions however have always been with the outdoors, being an active Scout Leader since the age of 18 and I love hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking and exploring. I love my Land Rover and I am a member of the local Land Rover Club in Perth [However since this trip, I maybe re-thinking this!]

Sarah Brown


Hi, I’m Sarah a Personal Trainer, Food and Wellness Coach and Triathlon Coach. I have also worked until we set off in the Pharmaceutical Industry in various roles for 15 years. I love Cross-Fit and going to the gym, but I’m most happy when I’m outdoors in the countryside and love trail running and off road events with the Triathlon Club [Fremantle Triathlon] I am also into mountain biking, skiing, hiking, backpacking [Only since this trip] and kayaking. Im also a big foodie and love cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients. I also dabble a little bit in Scouting and took part in the 2007 Jamboree as a contingent leader.

What Next?

We are planning to return to the UK in December 2017 and start looking for a rural property in which to start our business of a wellness centre with a personal training studio and glamping. We are also going to be stocking and sharing some of the products we have loved and tested on this trip…..so watch this space.