Drifta DOT6 Modifications – Mar 2017

We have owned our Drifta DOT 6 (DOT67) since November 2015 spending a year travelling at every opportunity and then from November 2016 full time.  Spending this much time in the DOT we have made some modifications over time and tried to perfect what gear we carry.  As we were passing Gloucester we took the opportunity to call into Drifta HQ to get a list of Modifications undertaken, a general service and a few extra bits of gear.  We organised our visit about 6 weeks in advance working out our list of items.  On arrival the girls in the office made us feel very welcome and knew exactly who would be doing what for the day.  Ethan looked after us and went through the list in the DOT shed and Jenny came down to look at what canvas work we wanted to do.  Then off we went to the shop for a good look around.  We had a good chat with Matt and Luke and then went off to have a look around Gloucester and a walk up the Bucketts.  The next day we went back in and Ethan was putting the final touches to the job and walked us through everything.  Luke then took us on a look around the canvas workshop.  What a great experience, everything was sorted that we asked for and the guys couldn’t have been more friendly in the process.

I was about to start writing a blog on all the Mods and then since we had a good wet weather couple of nights in Crowdy Bay National Park we had a. number of the mods in action so we popped together a video instead.  Only my second attempt at a video so a bit rough around the edges!  The video won’t be for everyone but will hopefully be useful to DOT owners, prospective DOT owners or those who love camping trailers 🙂

Hope you like it, Rich.


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  1. Matt

    Great video Rich, helpful in deciding what camper to buy. The drifta guys sure do look after you. Would you buy one again if you had your time over?

    1. funfitadventure

      Hi Matt, yes I would. Don’t think you can get the same product anywhere else with so much customisation to meet your requirements. I did look at the patriot CT which would be my second choice.

  2. Anonymous

    I would agree with Rich, you have so many options to choose from and they really work with you for your needs. We we all have different camping needs. His kitchens are amazing and if you think about it, you spend a fair bit of time preparing meals so this really makes it a pleasure.

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