Drifta Offroad Tourer (DOT Camping Trailer)

img_4071Our previous camping setup was a Maggiolina Airlander roof top tent on top of the Discovery 3 which we loved apart from the continuous packing and unpacking and then not enough space to carry everything we wanted to take away.  We have looked at campers for a while and hired a couple for trips when parents have been over from the UK.  In the end we decided we would like a versatile trailer with roof top tent and the ability to have an awning for shade or bad weather that could follow us anywhere off road.  We were after something that we could also use anywhere if we decide to return to the uk one day and use in the UK climate.

So the shortlist in the end came down to 3 choices with the patriot X1, predator and Drifta DOT.  We liked the style of trailer with a Roof Top Tent but then all the comforts of a kitchen and storage.  Something that was going to be east to setup and take down for short trips was a significant requirement.

img_7007We had seen the patriot at shows and went to see the predator.  We then came across Drifta and watched the you tube videos for several hours! The two big deciders were down to being able to lift the rooftop tent on the 4 actuators to give a usable space and also the Drifta kitchen setup, which nothing can compare with.  We did like the kitchen also in the patriot as well as the storage configuration however the downside was the ability to get to storage under the rooftop tent and have usable standing space.  Price wise the patriot was the most expensive, the Drifta came second and the Predator being the cheapest being a Chinese import.

The trouble with the Drifta was not being able to see it and the lack of detailed reviews however after watching all the videos and seeing some feedback on My Swag we were sold and got ready to place the order.

This Page is dedicated to my reviews of the Drifta and I will add to this including some videos over 2016/17.

For more information on the DOT and other models jump to Drifta’s Website here.

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