Freelander 2 Modifications

I moved out to Perth, Western Australia in October 2011 and decided to ship the Freelander 2 across from the UK. A lot of the places we like to explore in WA require a 4WD so plan was to bring it across and do some modifications. The Freelander 2 is a very competent off roader (within sensible limits!) and can go a lot of places without too much trouble. The downside is the clearance which is pretty poor compared to most other more hardcore off roaders although it is better than a lot of other soft roaders.

The Posts in this section go through the modifications that I have undertaken with the Freelander 2 and covers the ones I would like to make but unlikely at this time to be able to due to lack of modifications.

I have found on my way through these mods a lack of information and not a lot of people who are undertaking any mods to their Freelander 2′s as you might expect. Far more people have modified their FL1 however likely due to the age and where people are wanting to take them now.

I originally wrote my Freelander 2 Modifications section in 2011/12 and since then after a number of trips decided it was time for an upgrade to a Discovery 3 as I just did not have the clearance needed for the places we were wanting to head to.

Modification Posts

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Other/Future Mods

My list of future modifications I would like to make but either don’t have a solution or have just not got around to it yet….

  • Side protection bars – not got around to this yet
  • Underbody protection – available for front and rear but not got around to it yet
  • Lift the height – So yes, I have investigated this one and there is a kit available for the FL1 which gives an extra 2 inches of ride height which is about all the FL2 would need to get over most obstacles and save the occasional scrapes that seem to always happen.  The problem is this kit is not compatible with the FL2 and nobody has yet produced a kit.  It took about 10 years to produce one for the FL1 so I doubt we will se one sometime soon.  I see someone out there has attempted making their own but this is beyond me and you have to be careful as to not cause other issues.
  • Air Intake/Snorkel – Yes I would love to put one on the FL2 for all the dusty tracks in WA.  It would not help the FL2 much in terms of wading depth (0.5 metres) as electrics will still have the same issue.  That being said it would save the air filter from getting clogged up with orange dust.  Once again you can fit to the FL1 with a kit available but nothing available for the FL2 although I see someone has had a one custom made in Italy.
  • Winch – Would love a winch on the front however I don’t see this ever happening.  Most I could wish for is an external winch using the towing points but think this one is low down the list.
  • UHF Radio – Probably will be my next modification to add a radio now that I can mount an aerial to the roo bars.
  • Replace Spare Wheel – The spare wheel with the FL2 is a speed limited wheel unlike the standard 17″ wheels fitted.  Difficult to purchase a standard one apart from direct from LR.  I am getting a quote this week and intend to replace the existing spare wheel and fit on a coopers AT3 Tyre.  I will then have an additional emergency spare for the longer road trips.