The Wave Mini Caravan is an ultra light companion for your trips.  It is environmentally friendly in terms of only a minimum increase in your fuel consumption. Weighing only 190 kilograms makes it possible to attach it to almost any vehicle, tricycle or quad bike equipped with a towing hitch. This smaller teardrop style caravan still has a large storage space and the sleeping compartment is equipped with a double mattress. The drop down lists below show the standard equipment and other accessories that can be added to this trailer.

To see the full detail in terms of standard configuration and options please request the configurator at the bottom of this page.  If you have already signed up to our mailing list then please just drop us an email to send one out

Wave Mini Caravan Configuration - Price: £7,380 (inc. VAT) + Shipping

Standard Equipment
  • Knott galvanised chassis with suspension and braked
  • 13″ steel wheels
  • Rear support legs
  • laminate shell, including insulation, white colour
  • Roof window (without fan)
  • Rear door with window incl. blind/Insect net
  • Cabin upholstery
  • 2 side nets
  • LED interior ceiling light
  • Interior 12V socket
  • 2 cup holders mounted on the wall
  • 2 hinged clothes racks on the wall
  • Interior luggage net
  • Mattress


Included with every UK Mini Caravan
  • Electrical safety certificate
  • UK electric sockets (where added)
  • UK Import (from Slovakia) to Fun Fit Adventure HQ (Northumberland) or direct to you.  Shipping costs are additional
  • Full walkthrough of features on pickup 
Optional Accessories
  • Spare (steel) wheel with holder
  • Alloy wheels
  • Roof railings
  • Ceiling fan (installed in roof window)
  • LED exterior light above the door
  • Protection device against car battery discharge
  • Mains power connection + interior Mains sockets
  • Safe
  • Portable gas cooker


Benefits of a Mini Caravan
  • Get close to nature – Mini Caravans encourage you to be outdoors, but offer a cozy indoor living area. A perfect combination tor the UK weather.  Cook outside, socialise outside and sleep/relax inside.  
  • Minimal easy setup and take down, meaning that even overnight breaks are hassle free.
  • Spontaneous – load up, hitch and go in a matter of minutes and be on the road to your favourite campsite. 
  • Explore – unlike larger caravans & motorhomes, you can reach remote areas. The Bushcamp will follow you anywhere and you're completely self-sufficient.
  • Easy towing – Mini Caravans are easy to tow, even with small cars. No special driving skills are required & they're easier to manoeuvre when unhitched than larger, heavier caravans.  
  • No additional trailer licence required for UK licences.  All of the mini caravans are under 750KG fully laden.
  • Economical – Their aerodynamic shape and low weight means minimal fuel consumption compared to larger caravans.
  • Accessorise – Add awnings, tents, roof top tents, bike racks and more.  There are so many options for customisation.
  • Easy storage – They fit inside most garages & smaller gardens.
Technical Details
Parameter Value
Curb weight 190 kg
Maximum weight on the drawbar 75 kg
Weight on the drawbar 20 kg
Maximum total weight 750 kg
Maximum load 560 kg
Outside body height 119,5 cm
Interior height 107 cm
Overall height of the caravan 160 cm
Overall width 180 cm
Body width without mudguards 148 cm
Interior width 140 cm
Overall length 360 cm
Outside body length 235,5 cm
Interior body length 200 cm
Mattress 195 x 117 x 10  cm
Dimensions of ceiling window 33,5 x 33,5 cm
Dimensions of tires / standard 155/70 R13 

Mini Caravan Price List/Configurator

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